The dive shop at Scuba Club Cozumel

Above: Scuba Club Cozumel

Advertising with California Diver

Why should you advertise here?

When you advertise on, you’re building your brand recognition, product awareness, and ultimately, market share. You’re supporting the retailers and dedicated dive businesses who sell your gear by marketing not only to their businesses, but directly to the divers who are looking for gear, who will in turn visit those retailers to request and buy your products. You’re educating divers about your gear that will make their dives better, safer, and more enjoyable. And finally you’re supporting us, so we can inspire current divers to keep diving and get more people involved in the sport.

All that’s great of course, but if you’re a savvy marketeer, you’re never willing to throw a dime away. And you won’t do that with us – we promise. And we have several options available to help promote your business while helping to promote the sport of diving.

Online banner advertising begins at $100 dollars per month, with a guaranteed number of impressions (third-party verified). Last year, we provided more than one million impressions per advertiser in our banner program. We also have editorial opportunities and social media promotions as well.

If you’d like to chat to learn more, click here to send Chris an email or give him a call directly at (415) 902-3565.

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