Explore the Depths of Diving at Aquarium of the Pacific!

Divers give the world eyes with which to look under the sea. Sharing the world of seals, sea lions, dolphins, and other marine life, divers experience a dynamic relationship with the ocean that goes beyond what is known to the land-bound. It is through their adventures and explorations that those of us limited by our terrestrial boundaries have learned of the richness beneath the blanket of blue.

Learn all about the history and recent advancements in diving at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s ninth annual Divers Day. There will be educational presentations, live dive demonstrations, and more. The Aquarium will also host a large range of organizations that are related to the sport and science of diving.

The diving community is invited to find out about volunteer diving and other opportunities for involvement with dive-related organizations in Southern California. Divers who present valid proof of certification with their photo I.D. will receive free admission.

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