The SeaLife camera, 1200 miles later (Click to enlarge)

The SeaLife camera, 1200 miles later (Click to enlarge)

A SeaLife DC1200 camera took a long trip home after apparently being lost on a dive at Grand Cayman Island and drifting all the way to Florida.

While walking along the beach in Titusville, Florida, a beachcomber named Mike C. discovered the camera encrusted with barnacles. Surprisingly it turned on instantly, and the photos offered some clues as to where the camera’s trip started.

After cleaning off some of the crustaceans, Mike opened the housing and found it clean and as “dry as a bone” inside. The camera still had battery power, and he was able to determine from the date stamps on the snapshots that the last photos were taken about 18 months ago. There happened to be a picture of a dive boat in the background on one of the snapshots, and Mike made contact with a dive shop down in Grand Cayman (a long way from here) that was featured in some of the photos. The shop reviewed their records to see if they could help find the original owner, and was able to identify the charter trip the camera went out on – but not the owner.

The camera took about a 1300 mile trip (around Cuba) probably getting picked up in the Gulfstream and eventually landing on the shores of Florida. 1300 miles in 18 months not to mention any hurricanes it might encounter during the trip, and still functioning perfectly.

SeaLife Cameras would like help in tracking down the owner (it would make a great ad!). If this is your camera or know of someone who was visiting Grand Cayman 18 months ago, please drop them a line at