The Nabigwon, a 99’ ex-Navy steel-hulled tugboat.

California Ships to Reefs made announced today the donation of six (6) vessels for reefing in Santa Monica Bay and San Diego.

The vessels were private or commercial vessels during their working lives. California Ships to Reefs now owns a 31’ ferro-cement hull sailboat with no name, a 33’ ferro-cement hull sailboat called the Sea Song, a 47’ ferro-cement hull sailboat called the Gypsea Lee, a 67’ ferro-cement hull sailboat called the Brigadoon, a 47’ ferro-cement hull fishing boat called the Thanh Tung and a 99’ ex-Navy steel-hulled tugboat called the Nabigwon.

cstr“We have been waiting on others to provide large vessels for so long, to no avail, and are  grateful to 5 private owners and the Port of Los Angeles for these donations,” said Eleanore Rewerts, CSTR’s Executive Director.

“Our next steps are to open the permitting process and to do bow to stern reviews, making sure we know everything that is necessary to clean the vessels and make the, environmentally safe for sinking,” said Rewerts.  “CSTR is committed to ensuring that our vessels meet or exceed all environmental standards for artificial reefing.”

CSTR is hosting the Yukon Reef’s 15th Anniversary Casino Party & Dinner on July 17-18 in San Diego.  The Party will be Friday, July 17th @ the Maritime Museum of San Diego, followed by a day of diving the Yukon on Saturday, July 18th.  Tickets for all events will be available at SCUBA Show.  Party/Dinner $50/person; Diving $75/person.

California Ships to Reefs is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation seeking to reef surplus ships and other materials as recreational reefs, bringing diving and fishing tourism to local ports in California.  For further information, please visit the organization’s website at or contact Ms. Rewerts at 530-633-4858.