Divers Alert Network® has just announced the release of the 2016 edition DAN Annual Diving Report on Dive Fatalities, Injuries and Incidents.

Since 1988, DAN has been compiling data on scuba diving fatalities, injuries and publishing findings via the Annual Diving Report. DAN then uses this data to establish actionable targets for preventive interventions, education and other outreach initiatives that make diving safer.


The latest report presents 2014’s case data which saw ten lobster diving fatalities. DAN uses this information to develop resources designed to raise awareness and reduce risk. The findings also inform the seminars and lectures DAN delivers to the dive community in an effort to reach those most at risk of an injury.

This year, in addition to reports on fatalities, injuries involving USA and Canadian divers and breath-hold cases, the report also includes reports from DAN Asia Pacific (DAN-AP), the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), DAN Brazil and DAN South Africa (DAN-SA).

“The hazards in diving are real but the incidents leading to injuries are preventable,” said Dr. Petar Denoble, Vice President of Mission. “It is our hope that the data and analysis provided in DAN’s Annual Diving Report helps divers and dive operators to improve their risk control measures, reduce incidents and advance dive safety,” added Denoble.

The Annual Diving Report, 2016 Edition is free and now available on DAN’s website.