Here’s something you hope to never find when diving: two skeletons tied to chairs at the bottom of a lake.

A diver near Cienega Springs, Arizona was startled into calling the police on Monday when he found what appeared to be the skeletal remains of two people, perched in lawn chairs, at the bottom of a river. Covered with silt and algae, they appeared to have been there for quite a while.

The scene of a murder? Suicide?

Actually, it was just a cruel joke.

When authorities arrived to investigate they discovered the remains were actually plastic, featured sunglasses and wigs, and were seated in lawn chairs. A sign held by one of the skeletons read “8-16-2014,” meaning they may have been enjoying their riverbed home for nearly a year.

Local authorities aren’t getting too worked up about the aquatic scene. Instead, they’re chalking it up it up to a gag.

And someone out there is laughing pretty hard right now…