Many dive shops have their own pools; it’s necessary to have one (or a suitable substitute) available when training scuba divers. One in Brussels, Belgium has taken the concept of a swimming pool to a nitrogen-narcosis inducing level – they’ve built one of the deepest pools in the world, which maxes out at 33 meters (108 feet) deep. (Note: There’s an ever deeper one in Italy – the new  Y-40 Deep Joy is 40 meters deep).

This unique facility – which includes a dive shop, restaurant, bar, and changing facilities – provides advanced deep scuba and skin diving in northern Europe, a place difficult to dive in the winter months. There’s even a “cave” at 10 meters where divers can surface inside.

Naturally Nemo 33 is a popular facility, and the procedures for a dive is punctual to get as many divers in and out efficiently. At 15 minutes before the hour they let the new group go up to the changing rooms to get ready. Everyone then stands to one side of the pool entrance and they do the briefing 5 minutes before, which include the basic rules. Then on the hour as the previous hour scuba and skin divers exit, the new divers are able to free swim for 10 mins. This allows for equipment changes. Then the new divers exit the pool and put together their gear, do their buddy checks and head down. Depending on depth, divers can  get about 40 minutes in the water with a dive. Only advanced divers are allowed to go the full 34 meters without an escort.

Take a look at the video below for a closer look at Nemo 33.