MastheadThe annual DEMA (Diving Equipment And Marketing Association) dive show will be held in Las Vegas on November 19-22. The annual show features more than 1,300 booths by dive gear manufacturers, training organizations, dive travel businesses and resorts, and other dive-related businesses. The show alternates locations each year; last year the show was in Orlando, and this year it’s a bit closer to home in Las Vegas.

The DEMA show takes place at a particularly exciting time of year in the dive industry, in part because many gear manufacturers are showcasing their new 2015 products for the first time, and there are always many surprises. Some products are kept under wraps until the first day of the show, and many new companies who have never been in the spotlight before are there to introduce their innovative products to the market.

Unfortunately, the DEMA show is not open to the public – only qualified dive industry professionals are allowed to attend. Even with that, the DEMA Show attracts more than 9,000 attendees each year. And while the show may not be open to the public, California Diver will be there, sharing as much as we can possibly cover with our readers and social media followers. We’ll be posting daily and post-show followup photos, video, interviews, and more.

Naturally, California Diver is also at the show to find a few more advertisers willing to support our site and allow us to keep growing each year. We’re looking forward to visiting with our current advertisers and sponsors at the show (such as Bluewater Photo Store, Bluewater Travel, Crystal Blue Resort, Beaches Resorts, and TUSA, who will be with us in 2015). If you’re a dive business who will be at the show, drop us an email if you would be interested in supporting California Diver next year, and we’ll be glad to drop by your booth!

We’re taking requests!

That said, our #1 motivation in going to the DEMA show is to let you see what’s there, what’s new, and what’s coming to your local dive stores next year. To this end, this year we’re taking requests – just tell us who you would like us to visit and what you would like to see, and we’ll do our best to track them/it down at the show and report on it. If you’re friends with someone at the show and you’d like us to stop by their booth and say hello, let us know and we’ll snap a photo for you. Name your favorite company, ask a technical question from a company rep – anything goes (well, almost).

So post your requests in the message area below or on our Facebook page! Be sure to include your name and email address so we can follow up with you, as well as share your requests with all our followers. It’s your ticket inside DEMA, only less expensive and more convenient.