During the years that Alcatraz was a state prison, prisoners were regularly told that the Bay around Alcatraz was full of great white sharks.

It’s turns out it’s true. 

Or at least it was on Saturday, when a visitor to Alcatraz Island captured something on cell phone video never captured before on video in San Francisco Bay – a sea lion being eaten by a great white shark. It was a drama that took place to the amazement and excitement to a group of people, and one young boy in particular who provided an exciting commentary.

The video posted to YouTube on Friday, October 10th by Chris Shindler shows a White Shark attacking a sea lion – likely one of the hundreds of local sea lions who call the area home. Commentary is provided by a young boy on board, shouting with excitement, “That’s a great white!” At the end he remarks, “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Indeed it was.