California-based light manufacturer Light & Motion has recently released two new video lights for 2015. As in previous years, they’ve raised the bar once again with lights that are lighter, brighter, and recharge faster than every before.

Above: Light & Motion's new Sola 3000

Above: Light & Motion’s new Sola 3000

One of Light & Motion’s most popular lights, the Sola, has gained widespread popularity and has been improved once again for 2015. The new Sola puts out 8,000 lumens of light, is 33% smaller than it’s closest competitor and 20% more powerful. Like their previous version, the Sola 3000 is factory sealed (so there’s no danger of flooding it). The Sola 3000 has a 90-degree beam angle underwater, has 3 power levels, and weighs in at 265 grams.

While the light may look similar to other Sola lights externally, they’ve made some significant changes internally to increase performance, both in light output and charging time. The Sola 3000 now has the fastest charging time available in a professional dive light, and will reach an 80% charge in just 50 minutes and a full charge from empty in 1 hour, 45 minutes. It comes with a 2-year warranty and retails for $799.

Above: Light & Motion's new Sola 8000

Above: Light & Motion’s new Sola 8000 Pro Video Light

For those who need more than 3,000 lumens, Light & Motion has also released their new Sola 8,000 Pro video light, which kicks out an amazing 8,000 lumens – more than any light in its class. The light is a new design features an OLED (organic LED) information panel which shows the current lumen output, battery and charge status, and remaining run time available. It also features innovative direct cooling technology to dissipate the heat generated by the battery and LED, which allows the unit to operate with increased performance and give more power and burn time than possible before.

The new “Fast Charge” internal circuit in the Sola 8,000 Pro eliminates reliability issues that come from external chargers, and recharges the light to 80% full in less than an hour (and a full charge in 1 hour, 45 minutes). The factory-sealed housing with an easy-to-remove faceplates makes the Sola Pro reliable and travel friendly. The Sola 8,000 Pro weighs 984 grams and retails for $2,299.

To get all the details on these new lights, we went straight to the source and spoke with Light & Motion’s CEO Daniel Emerson. Watch below as he shares the features of these lights.

Light & Motion is based in Monterey, California and their products can be found in dive shops and other retailers across the U.S. They also have a wide range of lights for biking and other outdoor adventures (read our story on their GoBe light here).

For more information on Light & Motion’s products, including their new Sola 3,000 and Sola 8,000 Pro, visit Light & Motion at