Captain Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith, known to many local divers for his presentations on local Southern California shipwrecks, passed away last Sunday, May 28. Captain Pat was a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captain, commercial and scientific diver, an avid wreck and bug diver, author of many magazine articles, and co-author of the book, Shipwrecks of Southern California.

Just two years ago, Pat married Cindy Shaw underwater in the Aquarium of the Pacific before hundreds of friends and family members.

Cindy writes:

“My beloved Captain Patrick Smith made his final dive into the deep blue beyond. A rare neuro-degenerative disease, CJD, claimed his body so quickly but he will be with us always in our hearts and memories. Please share this with others for me. Patrick did not want a formal service but rather gatherings of friends wherever you may be to enjoy life and each other to the fullest. Our grown children have surrounded us with love and support the past weeks. We are all cherishing the memories so many are sharing. Love the ocean as he will always be there with us.”

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