After four years of development and testing, Allen Sherrod, the inventor of SCULS, is introducing his new Self Contained Underwater Loudspeaker.

While handling underwater operations at Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida, Allen needed a tool to communicate and direct other divers, and the SCULS idea was born. With this new product, underwater communication will take a leap forward and the applications for SCULS are wide ranging.


Allen Sherrod shows the SCULS device

SCULS works with a full face mask worn by the operator, and allows spoken words to be broadcast through underwater speakers. The user can talk underwater with the sound reaching anybody nearby without the need for a receiving device.

The SCULS unit consists of a virtually indestructible polyurethane housing containing electronics, speakers, switches, and batteries. A wire leads from the unit to a microphone attached to a full face mask worn by the user. It is designed to be attached to a diver’s equipment at chest level for ease of operation. The unit weighs just 7 pounds on the surface and is only 1 pound negatively buoyant underwater. The SCULS is depth rated within recreational SCUBA limits and has an audible range of between 200 and 300 feet underwater. Allen has “accessorized” units with a Bluetooth transceiver and connectors for an iPod adding even more versatility.

To learn more about SCULS, the versatile new underwater communication tool, visit Retail price is $850.00.