Dive the Coast, Santa Cruz Chapter, is conducting test dives aboard the Silver Prince in Monterey, California, beginning January 21st, 2012, and continuing the third Saturday of every month throughout the year. The outings are open to all divers novice to advanced throughout the state. How much distance covered largely depends on how many divers sign up. The cost is $50.00 with divers providing their own tanks. For the latest details, call (831) 204-0539 or email Charters@SilverPrinceCharters.com to reserve a spot.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chapter continues weekly mapping of the Los Angeles section of Palos Verdes. This area of the coast presents limited access with steep rugged hiking trails and kayak support is being used to attempt the entire 15 miles. For more information contact area coordinator, Brian Wright, Hardcore Dive Team, via email at brian@hardcorediveteam.com or call 661-270-6072.

The test dives are leading up to “Dive the Bay” slated for June 8-10, 2012 and “Dive the Peninsula” scheduled for early spring 2012.These events, of course, are a prelude to Dive the Coast in June 2013, when divers will cover as much of the California coastline as possible and raise funds for ocean-conservation organizations along the way.  The test dives are being done to gauge dive distance, depth and air, all of which will be formulated for diving longer distances along the coastline in 2013. During the January 21, dives in Monterey, dive teams will first perform a calibration dive to determine distance. A second dive will be a relay dive where the first team goes a distance then hands a flag to a second team and so forth.

The ultimate goal of Dive the Coast is to bring divers across the state together for a common goal and to raise money for conservation organizations. It will also provide an opportunity for divers to explore areas of the state where they would otherwise not go, and gives exposure to the sport as a whole.

Each of the fifteen coastal counties is organizing relay divers with each county deciding on a deserving organization to benefit from their fundraising efforts. Volunteer divers and organizers to help with promotion, planning, and future dives are still needed. Save Our Shores is the beneficiary of any funds raised in Santa Cruz and Ships to Reefs will benefit from funds raised in Los Angeles County.

Supporters of Dive the Coast are:

Supporters of Dive the Coast include  Silver Prince Charters, California Diver Magazine, Aquarium of the Bay, Seven Seas Scuba, 80 Proof Divers, Channel Islands Dive Adventures, San Luis Obispo Coast Keepers, Save Our Shores, O’Neill Sea Odyssey, MAKODIVER, Ocean Adventures Dive Company, California Ships to Reefs, Hardcore Dive Team, ScubaFit, Oceanic, Leisure Pro, Darkfin, Subseries, Beachopper II, E-Diving.com, PlayHard Sports, Addicted Dive Gear, Team Sharkys, and Sharkys Eco Dive

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