Newly certified PADI Open Water Diver Felix Tam is the recipient of the 150,000th certification

Newly certified PADI Open Water Diver Felix Tam is the recipient of the 150,000th certification

150,000 – that’s a lot of people. What’s even more amazing is that that number of people all became scuba divers at one location.

Pro Dive Cairns, a PADI Career Development Centre in Australia, issued its 150,000th PADI certification on June 20, 2016 – a milestone only achieved by one other PADI dive operator to-date.

Canadian optometrist and newly certified PADI Open Water Diver Felix Tam is the recipient of the 150,000th certification, which was issued by PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Simon Daxer during a recent Great Barrier Reef dive trip. Upon surfacing after his final training dive, Tam not only learned he was certified, but that his achievement also marked this remarkable milestone. When the boat returned to shore, PADI and Pro Dive Cairns staff were there to greet Tam and Daxer, including PADI Worldwide President and CEO Drew Richardson, PADI Asia Pacific Vice President Danny Dwyer, Pro Dive Cairns General Manager Paul Lim and PADI Asia Pacific Regional Manager Hans Ullrich.  Joined by fellow divers aboard the boat from around the globe, Tam was awarded a 150,000th diver certificate and the group celebrated the momentous occasion.

During a gala celebration in Cairns the following evening, Richardson presented the Pro Dive Cairns team with a commemorative award. He went on to recognize Pro Dive Cairns for its commitment to dive training excellence, innovative initiatives and numerous accomplishments during the past 33 years in business.

“For more than three decades, Pro Dive Cairns has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality education, diver safety and professionalism,” says Richardson. “Each year, their staff transforms thousands of lives, opening doors for exploration and adventure into inner space – Earth’s final frontier. In doing so, they fuel a much needed passion for the marine environment and help grow our united diver family of ocean advocates. This achievement is a direct result of the Pro Dive Cairns staff’s devotion to changing lives for the better. I applaud them for their accomplishment and thank them for their unwavering dedication to both PADI and our ocean planet.”

PADI Asia Pacific Vice President Danny Dwyer adds, “The PADI staff congratulates the entire Pro Dive Cairns team on reaching this remarkable milestone. For more than 33 years, PADI and Pro Dive Cairns have shared a strong and successful partnership and I look forward to our partnership continuing to grow for many years to come.”

Established in 1983, Pro Dive Cairns enjoys an international reputation as one of the world’s premier diver training schools. Today, the operation boasts a team of 67 staff members, is home to a purpose-built PADI Five Star Career Development Centre, and owns and operates three premier 25 metre liveaboard dive vessels with regular trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

Tony Baker, Managing Director of Pro Dive Cairns parent company, Quicksilver Group, says, “We are extremely proud of our achievements and the reputation Pro Dive Cairns has built over the years. The fact that so many people have chosen Pro Dive Cairns to teach them to dive is very satisfying and reflects our philosophy and commitment to providing the best possible dive education and trips over many years.”

Further reflecting on the operation’s success, Pro Dive Cairns General Manager Paul Lim shares, “Our longevity in business over the past 33 years is an outstanding testament to our partnership with PADI, the dedication and professionalism of all our staff, and the quality and reputation of our product.”

Congratulations to Pro Dive Cairns for achieving a landmark 150,000 PADI certifications!