Dive professionals looking to become certified in scuba tank inspection have an opportunity to do so next month at the Long Beach Scuba Show.

Online sign up is now open for PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection and supporting specialty courses at the Scuba Show in Long Beach next month.

The exclusive PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection course will be offered Friday, June 5.  The PSI-PCI annual Update (for those inspectors currently within their 3 year training window and need to renew) and the supporting specialties for the VCI program will be conducted on Saturday June 6.  For the complete schedule and to sign up online visit this page on our website:

Why sign up for PSI-PCI Classes?  For over 30 years, PSI-PCI has presented the only industry recognized visual cylinder inspection training available.  Our company is the industry’s preferred resource for up to date training in cylinder safety and visual inspection.  No one else can match our level of experience, consultation and support!

There is no “equivalent” program!  PSI-PCI training is the only training recognized by the USDOT (the governing authority), Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and cylinder manufacturers.  PSI-PCI is written into cylinder permits and recommended as a reference by CGA.   If you need to inspect cylinders in your facility, this formal training is required but the training is open to anyone.

Cylinder inspection training is our only business, not just an add on to a dive program.  PSI-PCI is the professional choice for Visual Cylinder Inspection training.  We wrote the book on it!

For more information visit our website at or give us a call: 425-398-4300.