The Randy Fry Memorial Dive Tournament was organized in 2009 in memory of Randy Fry. Randy was a tireless advocate for fishing rights and coastal access.

Randy Fry. Photo credit: Coastside Fishing Club

Sadly, Randy’s life was cut short following a shark attack in 2004. To honor him and to carry on his commitment to effectively preserve a healthy fishery, The Randy Big X Memorial Dive Tournament was created. All the proceeds are donated to the Watermen’s Alliance, who works with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to maintain a healthy fishery and to continue Randy’s efforts.

The Randy Fry Big X Memorial Dive Tournament will be held at the KOA campground in Manchester, California on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 6:30am – 2:00pm.

Participants must register at the KOA campground after 6:30am and may dive anywhere permissible on the north Coast, but must be back no later than 2:00pm to have their catch officially weighed in.

Rules for the tournament:
Largest aggregate pound weight of fish from 5 SPECIFIC species listed below:
– Blue Rockfish
– Black Rockfish
– Lincod (must be 30″)
– Cabezone (must be 15″)
– Vermillion or Halibut (Halibut must be 22″)
– All fish must be at least 14″ in length unless otherwise specified above.
– A 10 point bonus for having each of the 5 fish sized as stated above.
– Abalone must be 9″ to enter. 10 points for an Abalone 9″ or greater. Points go up for larger abalone.

Categories to be judged:
– General Admission 1st place for the most points.
– General Admission Largest Abalone
– Junior’s 1st place for the most points. (Junior is under 18 years of age.)
– Junior’s Largest Abalone
– Women’s 1st place for the most points
– Women’s Largest Abalone.
– Honorable mentions for 2nd and 3rd place for points and abalone in these same categories.
– Top of Form
– Bottom of Form

The Randy Fry Big X Memorial Dive Tournament is set up as a family event safety in mind. Participants must sign up in buddy pairs and safe diving practice is stressed in the pre-dive meeting. Participants must also sign a liability waiver agreeing to adhere to safe diving practices. Plaques are awarded to each category winner instead of prizes to keep the event friendly with just the right amount of competition.

For more information and to sign up, please click here