“Who would have thought divers needed to be fit for scuba”, says Heather Lake, reporter for Fox 5 Morning News as she prepares to introduce Gretchen Ashton of ScubaFit®. Filmed on the beach and in the surf at La Jolla Shores, a diving hotspot in San Diego, the television segment reminds divers of the importance of being physically fit for diving.

Gretchen explains, “Aerobic exercise is the highest priority for divers. Underwater, using SCUBA, breathing capacity may be reduced by as much as 40%. Many aspects of diving require good overall body strength and others require increased levels of endurance. To increase the strength and endurance of muscles used in diving they must be exercised with movements similar to the way they are used in diving and on dry land.” Jodie Booras, Marketing Director of Ocean Enterprises, and Loren Kurz, fitness model and athlete, demonstrate Surfwalking®, an aerobic and dive conditioning workout developed by Ashton. The story also features free weight strength exercises illustrating similar movements to the safe of handling of scuba diving equipment.