Pinnacles Dive Center in Novato (just north of San Francisco) has created a unique opportunity for kids to learn to scuba dive at their annual summer scuba camp. At the camp, kids ages 8-16 gain skills and knowledge in water safety, skin diving, equipment usage, ocean environment, and marine life.

In both beginning and advanced camp sessions, the kids learn a series of skills – from self-rescue techniques to proper breathing while scuba diving. Jon Edens of Pinnacles Dive Center said that with all of the fun that the kids are having in the pool, about 90% of them eventually would continue their training and get certified.

In the end of the class, the students get to blow up balloons underwater, which is on the fun list of things to do. With no written test for the students, it’s all fun and no pressure, and a great way to introduce the sport to a new generation of divers.

The daily camp sessions include daily lunch, a surprise gift, and a certificate of participation. 2012 camps run June 25-28, July 16-19, and July 30-August 2. There is also an advanced camp that runs August 6-10, and offers the option of earning a full open water certification.

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Words by Matthew Healy, Photos by Chris Constantine