Shearwater Research Inc. has just introduced the newest addition to the Shearwater family of dive computers: The Perdix AI.  Using its large, easy-to-read screen, the Perdix AI clearly displays the tank pressure as well as gas time remaining (GTR) and is capable of connecting to either one or two transmitters giving the diver the option to monitor two tanks and allowing for sidemount diving. Air integration is optional for all modes, from OC Rec to CC/BO, of the Perdix AI and can be assigned to the customizable slots on the computer or accessed through the information screens.

Shearwater will continue to manufacture the original Perdix as well as the Petrel2 and NERD line and will sell the Perdix AI alongside the other Shearwater products.  The Perdix AI offers the same features as the others in the Shearwater line, such as the two button interface, user replaceable AA battery, and free firmware releases with Bluetooth technology.  Like its predecessors, the Perdix AI comes configured for OC Rec, OC Tec, Gauge Mode, and CC/BO for air, nitrox, or trimix diving.

Shearwater Desktop will be updated shortly to include specific features for the Perdix AI including tank pressure which will display in either PSI or BAR, SAC throughout your dive, as well as GTR information.

Full technical specifications for the Perdix AI are available on Shearwater’s official website.  A tutorial video highlighting the new air integration features and best practices of use will be released shortly on their YouTube page.

The Perdix AI will be showcased at DEMA 2016 from November 16-19th at the Shearwater booth, #7148. Visit DEMA’s official site for a map of the show floor.