Swedish Company Oceans has a new concept that aims to revolutionize underwater dive computers. Their attractive (and full-featured) computer has one feature in particular that they believe sets theirs apart from others – buddy communication.

The Oceans S1 Supersonic dive computer uses soundless ultrasonic waves to allow divers to summon their buddies, dive master or instructor with a tap of a button. When activated, the S1 sends a ping message to each paired dive computer, and shows a notification on the display with the name of the diver looking for attention.



Tech Specs

The Oceans S1 Supersonic comes loaded with many features commonly found in computers costing $1,000 or more. Here’s a rundown of the key features:

  • Dimensions: 60x60x20mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Screen: 2” color LED display
  • Ultrasonic communication (15m+/45ft+)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3-axis digital compass
  • Haptic feedback (vibration)
  • Battery: ~10 hours diving
  • Standby: ~1 year
  • Wireless charging (Qi standard)
  • Diving algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors
  • Altitude diving adjustments
  • Diving modes: Air, Nitrox (21-40), Apnea
  • Pressure tested to 100m/300ft (Max recommended dive depth 50m/150ft)
  • Internal logbook storage: 500 dives or 80 hours.
  • Syncing: wireless over Bluetooth to the Oceans iOS/Android app (available free at oceans.io)



The S1 connects via Bluetooth to the Oceans app (Available free to iOS and Android) to import dives into your digital logbook. In the app, you can add buddies, observations and photos, and share it with friends and family.

To learn more about the Oceans app and its dive logging features, head over to oceans.io


Oceans S1 Supersonic working prototype devices.
Oceans S1 Supersonic working prototype devices.


The biggest obstacles and challenges in developing the computer have been cleared and Oceans is ready to go into final design and production. The last step is to put the device into production and finish software development for integration into the Oceans app, and to reach that goal, Oceans has launched a Kickstarter campaign.


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Pre-Release Pricing

The Kickstarter rewards come in two variations: a single Oceans S1 Supersonic (with 2 early bird specials) and a buddy pack of two units at a discounted price. The box contains the Oceans S1 Supersonic dive computer, a wrist band and a quick start guide. The Oceans app can be downloaded for free at oceans.io


The S1 charges using any standard wireless charger (Qi). To keep price, shipping cost and environmental impact as low as possible, no charger is included in the box. If you do not have a wireless charger already, it can be found in most electronics stores at a low cost.

Team Oceans

Oceans (oceans.io) is a mobile social network and digital logbook for scuba divers, founded by divers in 2014 with a mission to make the underwater world universally accessible to anyone, everywhere. With a community of tens of thousands of scuba divers and ocean champions, they aim to help create the number one community for divers around the world.

All weekends, they highlight some of the best logs in Oceans in what they call #DiveoftheWeek— and every year, one of their diver’s logs is selected “Dive of the Year” by ambassador and aquanaut Fabien Cousteau. Have look at their Instagram feed, reaching over 40 thousand followers to see some of the stunning underwater photos taken by their community!

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