The iDive housing in use. Photo credit: iDive

The iDive housing in use. Photo credit: iDive

The iPad has revolutionized the way we browse the internet access our email, play games, and do business. It’s also a great tool for teachers and researchers, but using one underwater has obviously posed several challenges.

One of those challenges is getting the touch-sensitive screen to function properly underwater. While there are many solutions now available to make an iPad water resistant at poolside, on a boat, or in shallow water, the touch screen is very sensitive and requires that there not be constant pressure applied to it. Fortunately, a company called iDive has come up with a solution that makes the iPad not only waterproof to a depth of 100 feet, but also fully functional using its touch-sensitive screen.

The iDive is a durable, pressure-equalizing case that is connect to a low pressure hose so while diving the air pressure inside the case can be equalized. It can be easily hooked up to a primary regulator first stage or pony bottle and comes with a regulator on the back of the housing that automatically equalizes the air pressure within the case as you descend or ascend. Here’s a look at iDive’s Michael Berumen introducing the iDive case to us at the DEMA show in November:

Who might use the iDive case while diving? Obviously, scientists, biologists, and researchers can definitely put the iDive to good use, but Michael also reminds us of the entertainment options available on the iPad that other divers might use. The case itself projects music through the water and is easy to hear, so commercial divers who have a 90-minute decompression stop could enjoy a full movie, and

The iDive retails for $599 and you can find out more on their website at and on their Facebook page here.