When recreational scuba diving began its rise in popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, scuba diving gear was available to consumers through a number of small companies, one of those being Healthways.

“Their scuba equipment was extremely well made. Strong, very rugged, and designed really well. They were innovators in their day”, according to dive historian Alec Pierce. They had a great reputation, and “even made the first regulator for ScubaPro”.

They also had one product with a very unique name. Or perhaps not very unique at all.

“The original double-hose regulator from Healthways had a really unique name – it was called SCUBA.” “Then they came out a little later with an improved version they called the SCUBA Deluxe”.

Healthways also had among the first single hose regulators. One, uniquely, had a J-valve built into the regulator. It retailed for $69.95 in their 1963 catalog. Additionally, they had a regulator with a feature known as a “sonic reserve”. When the tank pressure got down to 300psi, it would “rap” (shudder) when you inhaled.

More interesting facts on the Healthways brand and products can be seen in Alec Pierce’s YouTube video shared below:

Below are some of the original Healthways print ads which ran in publications of interest to scuba divers. Click on each thumbnail to see a larger version and enjoy!

























Alec Pierce Scuba
Heathways Ads (public domain)

Article updated 12-31-17