Tovatec has combined a proprietary, high-definition camera and light into a single unit – the MERA™.  The camera and light work seamlessly to take simple and beautiful photographs and videos under water. It also serves as a primary dive light with 1000 lumens of LED light.

Seamless Integration of a Light and a Camera

Taking photographs and video underwater can capture a lasting memory and a great way to share your experience underwater with a friend.  It can also be complicated – especially for those not used to carrying a camera underwater with them.  Not only do you have to buy cameras, lights, trays and arms, but those items are bulky, difficult to align, and hard to maneuver around both above and below water. For the casual recreational diver, it can also be difficult for the to enjoy a dive with both hands operating a camera.

1000 Lumens of Light for 2.5 Hours

The MERA™ serves as a 1000 lumen primary dive light with a 2.5 hour burn time.  The light has both a primary spot light, and also has a wide video light that can light up an entire portion of a reef, wreck, etc. (many divers actually prefer the wide video light for day-to-day diving).   The proprietary camera records 1080p high-definition video.  The light and the camera are aligned so that whatever you point the light at is recorded by the camera.  Three simple buttons control the operation and the light glows blue to let you know it is ready to record, and glows red when it is recording video.  Operation of the couldn’t be simpler.

Inspired by a 6 Year Old

In June of 2017, Chuck Fultz, the owner of Tovatec was getting ready to dive.  His 6-year old son Mike asked why you have to get a camera, then put it into a case…..then put it on a tray with arms….then position the arms.  “Why not put the camera in here”? he asked pointing to the head of a dive light.  The MERA™ was born.

Units are shipping to dealers this November.  Retailers can pre-order the MERA™ by contacting or calling them at 800.324.5032.