Underwater Kinetics is now shipping two eagerly-anticipated products that were first introduced to the industry late last year.

Above: UK's new Aqualite-S20

Above: UK’s new Aqualite-S20

Aqualite S20

For general diving, Aqualite-S20 emits a medium wide beam and comes with a wrist or hand mount so that both hands are free during the dive.

The Aqualite-S 20 is powered by a rechargeable 18650-size lithium-ion battery, which is user replaceable. A battery charger and USB power cable are also included with the lights. Just plug into any USB port or power supply to charge the light. In the end, rechargeability saves money and has less of an impact on the environment.

The brightness for the Aqualite-S20 can be adjusted from 500 lumens to 90 lumens in 3 steps by punching the large button on the back of the light. Runtimes for the 2800 mAH battery included with the light range from 2-14 hours, depending on the power setting.

Construction of the Aqualite-S is engineered for maximum performance and corrosion resistance. The lamp head is turned from UK’s corrosion resistant alloy called Hydralum®.  The body is molded from high impact ABS and includes two 316 stainless steel ¼-20 screw sockets for easy attachment to a variety of accessories. The depth rating for the S20 light is 100 meters.

Underwater Kinetics Aquiline Pro 100 flashlight

Above: Aqualite Pro 100 light

Aqualite Pro 100

UK is also introducing the Aqualite Pro 100, a very bright light for photo and video use. Kicking out an impressive 1200 lumens, the Aqualite Pro 100 provides plenty of light for both photography and video. Weighing in at a mere 8 ounces, it can be used with any number of conveninent mounts, including an easy hand mount that enables hands-free use.

The Aqualite Pro Duo Lighting Kit allows the diver to use two Pro 100 lights at once for a powerful photo/video kit. Made from unbreakable graphite filled nylon, it’ll extremely tough and durable.

With two 1200 lumen Aqualite Pros and a fully adjustable Flex Grip handle, the Aqualite Pro Duo Lighting Kit is a very flexible lighting solution.

The sturdy universal camera tray works seamlessly with UK’s FlexGrip to create a robust yet lightweight platform for your underwater camera and 2 Aqualite Pro video/photo lights.

For more details, contact your Underwater Kinetics representative. Retail prices are not currently available.