Dive The Coast is organizing a relay dive down the entire California coastline, raising money for conservation organizations along the way. Volunteer coordinators in each of the fifteen coastal counties will organize its own relay divers. In order to keep the money local, each county will decide on a deserving organization to benefit from their fundraising efforts. It’s a great way to bring divers across the state together for a common goal and raise funds while they’re at it.

This weekend (October 1st), Dive The Coast is planning a limited “test” dive, following with a larger test on October 15. Volunteer divers are needed to help for both of these test dives. The schedule and outline of activities for these two dates are below:

Oct. 1: Calibration Dive
3 p.m.: Load/briefing @ K-dock, Monterey

– Drop anchor off Del Monte Beach
– All Dive Teams enter the water
– Dive Teams swim on heading of 30 degrees at a depth of 15-20’
– Dive Teams surface at 500psi
– Dive Teams deploy SMB
– Divers position marked on GPS
– Dive Teams picked by boat (live boat pickup)
– Unload/debriefing: 5pm @ K-dock, Monterey
– Boat crew will calculate navigational error and distance made good.

PROPOSED ROUTE: Approx. 1 mile

Oct. 15: Test Relay Dive
7 a.m.: Load/briefing @ K-dock, Monterey

– Start at a position equal to “number of dive teams” x “average distance made good” from the 10/1 dive.
– Dive Team enters the water and swims along heading of between 180 and 210 (Boat crew will advise each team their exact compass heading).
– At 500psi Dive Team deploy SMB and surfaces
– Next dive team enters the water and tags the previous team

– Dive teams swap the trailer “torpedo float”
– Previous Dive team re-boards boat (live boat).
– Repeat until the last team enters the water
– Last team is given a heading that takes them into beach (conditions permitting)
– Boat Crew contacts Shore Crew with the approximate landing location
– Diver team exits the water.
– Shore crew meets/greets divers and records position
– Divers re-enter the water and return to boat
– Unload/debriefing: approx 5pm @ K-dock, Monterey

PROPOSED ROUTE: Approx. 10 miles

o Cold-water dive gear (wetsuit or drysuit)
o Dive Computer
o WORKING Compass
o 1 Tank
o Flashlight
o Whistle or surface signaling device

o Lots of dry clothes and layers (you’ll be on the boat for 6-10hrs!).
o Sunscreen
o Sea Sickness Meds
o Sunglasses, etc.
o Camera

COMMUNITY ITEMS (everyone brings these)
o Drinks and bottled water
o Breakfast potluck
o Lunch potluck
o Lots and lots of snacks

If you’re interested in participating, please visit www.silverprincecharters.com for more information and to reserve your spot.

Visit the Dive The Coast website here!