Divers along the 1000 miles of California coastline are gearing up for the largest mass scuba dive in the history of diving. Test dives are being done to gauge dive distance, depth and air, all of which will be formulated for diving longer distances during Dive the Coast scheduled for June 2013. Dive teams will first perform calibration dives to determine distance. Additional dives are relay dives where one team dives a distance then hands a flag to another team and so forth.

Volunteer divers and organizers to help with promotion, planning, and future dives are still needed. Dive the Coast Chapters have been formed in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco counties. For more information visit www.divethecoast.com to contact the coordinator for each county. San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Monterey counties also have FaceBook pages. Coordinators are still needed for Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Mateo, Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Contactkim@divethecoast.com to become a coordinator and/or supporter.

 Upcoming events and news statewide include:

March 17, 2012, Los Angeles: Join divers in Los Angeles for a series of dives with the goal of covering the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula. Day one divers will cover at least three miles, from Malaga Cove to Rocky Point, with possibly another four miles added on to reach Old Marineland Cobblestone Beach. For more information, call or email Brian at 661-270-6072, brian@ hardcorediveteam.com.

May 5-6, 2012. Orange County: Coastkeeper and OC-DTC will be promoting Dive the Coast at the Scuba Show in Long Beach.  OC-DTC participated in the 31st Annual Avalon Harbor Clean Up at Catalina Island on February 24th, 2012.  Participants were interviewed by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli who was at the event filming his new Lonely Planet adventure roadtrip airing on BBC America in a few months.

June 8-10, 2012 – Dive the Bay, Monterey: Join divers from across the state for a weekend of camaraderie and diving in beautiful Monterey, home to some of the best diving in the state! The event begins with a social gathering Friday night, then two days diving the entire Monterey Bay as a prelude to the statewide event. “Dive the Bay” is really just an opportunity for everyone to meet, swap stories, play with any sea lions and harbor seals that might be hanging around – but mostly, to build excitement about, and support for, 2013! For more information, call or email Chris at 408-694-7483,chris.presley@rocketmail.com.

The goal of Dive the Coast is to bring divers across the state together for a common goal and to raise money for ocean conservation and education organizations. It will also provide an opportunity for divers to explore areas of the state where they would otherwise not go, and gives exposure to the sport as a whole. Organizers are coordinated by county and each of the 15 counties select deserving organizations to benefit from their fundraising efforts.

Kimberly White, founder of Dive the Coast, originated the idea in Santa Cruz in August 2011, and participants have since been conducting outreach to dive clubs, dive shops and non-profit organizations, as well as forming partnerships to help accomplish this epic endeavor.

Supporters of Dive the Coast throughout the state are: Silver Prince, California Diver Magazine, Aquarium of the Bay, Seven Seas Scuba, 80 Proof Divers, Channel Islands Dive Adventures, Orange County and San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper, Save Our Shores, O’Neill Sea Odyssey, MAKODIVER, Ocean Adventures Dive Company, California Ships to Reefs, Waterhorse Charters, Fin Forward, Hardcore Dive Team, ScubaFit, Oceanic, Leisure Pro, Darkfin, Subseries, Beachopper II, E-Diving.com, Sharkys Eco Dive, Team Sharkys, Addicted Dive Gear, PlayHard Sports, and Pacific Wilderness Dive Team.

WHAT:  Volunteers Needed to Dive the  Coast for Ocean OrganizationsWHEN:  March 8, 2012PUBLIC RELATIONS CONTACT:
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