XS Scuba is introducing two new buoyancy compensators, The SeaBlazer and the Phantom, and both are featuring their new PLUS System (Peripheral Lighting Underwater System).

The PLUS System (pat. pend.), found exclusively on XS Scuba’s new BCs, is a string of micro-LED lights, sealed in a solid 4mm transparent casing. The casing is threaded through a series of small elastic loops that line the perimeter of the SeaBlazer and Phantom BCs. The PLUS System has many applications in the categories of safety, practicality and fun. Some examples are:

  • Buddy teams can identify each other with matching colors
  • Public Safety Team Leaders can keep track of their divers in the water
  • Having light surrounding your body makes it easier to locate and use your accessory equipment

The SeaBlazer is a feature rich, weight-integrated, jacket style BC. It features the new Catch and Release™ weight system, large, easy to access utility pockets and plenty of stainless steel D-rings.

The Phantom is a streamlined, weight-integrated, back inflation BC. It also uses the Catch and Release™ weight system. It has a clever harness system that eliminates the need for a hard back pack. Rather, it uses the cylinder as the spine of the BC.

Divers that have struggled to load weight pockets into their BCs, and then engage the locking mechanism, will love the new Catch and Release™ weight system. The weights slide into the BC easily and engagement is simple and secure.

For more information on the SeaBlazer, the Phantom and the PLUS Lighting System, click here.

California Diver Magazine will be at the annual DEMA show next week in Orlando, and we’ll try to track these BC’s down and share more with you.