Zeagle has just released their first fin, aimed at technical divers. RECON remasters old designs with innovative modern technology to create a fin capable of providing industry-leading thrust and control for all types of alternative kicking styles. RECON was developed and tested for optimal responsiveness and stability for technical dives.

The Zeagle R&D team committed to creating a new standard with its first fin and set out to completely rethink fit and form. The result of extensive research and testing was a durable natural rubber fin that’s designed to take care of everything, so the diver can focus on exploring.

“We wanted to produce a fin that was uncomplicated in design but as technical as you can get,” says Brand Manager, Bruce Sparks. “We’ve achieved this with Recon, combining the latest aquadynamic technology with a tough and minimalist form.”

The Zeagle RECON Fin is now shipping and available at your local retailer.


• Integrated strakes; four on the bottom to contain higher volumes of water for increased thrust for alternate kicking styles and reduced turbulence for a stable flutter kick.

• Optimum 25-degree angle between foot pocket and blade for greater thrust during flutter kick, and stability during alternative kick strokes.

• Two generous side rails use material thickness and geometry to provide more elastic response in areas where greater flex and snapback is needed.

• Built from premium natural rubber that is compression molded to deliver different durometers varying rigidity and suppleness for optimal performance across the entire fin.

• A simple buckle system using a single screw and self-locking nut allows the diver to adjust the strap length up to 2” (5 cm) to accommodate various wetsuit and drysuit boots.


For more information on Zeagle, please visit www.zeagle.com