Probably having heard the recent media hoopla about the Sevengill sharks at La Jolla Cove, Eli Martinez, editor of Shark Diver Magazine, came to La Jolla Cove earlier this month, to dive with them–and, whatever other species he could find. Martinez is probably best known for his jaw-dropping interactions with large Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

He had a little help from Margo Sanchez, of the Scuba Diver Girls, who knows the area intimately and was able to show him exactly where to go to find some Sevengill sharks, as well as a few others local to the area, such as Horn sharks, Tope or Soupfin sharks and Leopard sharks.

La Jolla Pre-Dive

Planning the Dive: left to right: Eli Martinez, Javy Martin, Greg Amptman and Margo Sanchez
[Photo credit: Michael Bear]

Accompanying Eli were his friends, Michael Kazma, founder of Shark Chums, a local San Diego shark diving business, and Greg Amptman, of Facebook’s Greg Amptman’s Undersea Discoveries, who drove all the way from Tacoma, WA for the experience and was gracious enough to contribute some of the photos you see here.

I had the privilege of accompanying Eli and his friends and ended up diving with Greg and Javy Martin, from Los Angeles, after the two dive teams split up on the bottom, to go look for sharks.

Eli Martinez and friend: Photo credit: Greg Amptman

Eli Martinez and friend: Photo credit: Greg Amptman


When Eli Martinez points his camera, you’d best look in that direction yourself. (Photo credit:Michael Bear)


This sea lion came down to play with us at the end of the dive

Our team ended up encountering 3 Sevengill sharks and one startled Horn shark, as well as a friendly sea lion, which came down to play with us towards the end of the dive. Now, I have to go do what I’m always nagging other divers to do: go log my encounter at: Sevengill Shark []

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