Mandy surfaces after a record-breaking dive

Mandy surfaces after her record-breaking dive

USA Freediving has announced that Mandy Sumner of Hawaii has won gold in the Constant No Fins discipline at the 2015 Freediving Depth World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus. Mandy performed a dive to 58 meters (190 feet), tying the performance of Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan. This is the USA’s first gold medal in a Freediving Depth World Championships.

Mandy Sumner

Mandy Sumner

Mandy began her dive at 8:10am local time. Her dive took two minutes and twenty-seven seconds to complete the round trip. She retrieved a bottom tag at the baseplate at her announced depth of fifty-eight meters and began her return trip to the surface. Upon returning to the surface, she completed the necessary surface protocol and was awarded a white card by the judges validating her performance. Today’s dive beat her personal best by three meters (10 feet).

Mandy said, “I only began trying Constant No Fins five months ago. The conditions were perfect today, just like Hawaii. I am a bit tired, but this is my personal best so it is to be expected. I want to congratulate my fellow winner Sayuri of Japan for her strong dive as well.”

Constant No Fins (CNF) is one of the most difficult of competitive freediving disciplines, as it requires the athlete to swim to depth and back under their own power with no swimming aids while holding their breath. The athlete may only use arm and leg strokes to perform. The motion is a modified breaststroke style.

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