Huge 13.5 pound lobster caught

Check out this monster 13.5 pound lobster recently caught. Note that in the video the diver/author states could not release the lobster due to an injury it sustained while being caught.

It’s nice to see there are still big bugs like this in the water. Post your comments below!

3 Responses to “Huge 13.5 pound lobster caught”

  1. Huge Lobster, was he released? (I hope). I heard mention that he was injured; Spiny Lobsters that big are breeders and should be released to help insure more lobsters in our future.
    Amazing catch!

  2. looks like he badly damaged the horn where it attaches to the carapace. lobster is bleeding, and i’m not entirely sure he can survive an injury that severe

  3. Look what I just murdered. I’m Big Diver. Let’s kill the big breeders to prove how macho we are. Way to go man.

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