Above: The Brytor Reach light in use. Photo provided by Brytor.

One of the latest LED dive lights on the market is also one of the most innovative. And while it may look like one, it’s definitely not a selfie stick.

The Brytor REACH dive light is an extremely bright, 800-lumen array of eight omnidirectional LED lights mounted on the end of a durable, CNC-machined 5/8 inch diameter aluminum pole. Weighing only 1.25 pounds (with the battery installed), the light is controlled at the handle with a magnetically-operated switch. The light has 3 modes — on, off, and strobe, which can be used to summon help in an emergency or grab the attention of your dive buddy. It’s powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that is mounted in the handle and takes 3 hours to fully charge.

The rechargeable battery fits into the handle for easy access.

The rechargeable battery fits into the handle for easy access and charges in 3 hours

The REACH is engineered to allow any GoPro camera with an optional mount. With the small 5.75mm × 4.28mm camera sensor inside the GoPro camera, the 800-lumen output of light is an important feature for shooting great video and photos without the noise and grain normally associated with shooting in low light situations. The user-replaceable polycarbonate diffusion lens around the LED lights helps create a very smooth, even fan of light that nicely compliments the GoPro’s capabilities.

The business end of the REACH. 8 LED's kick out 800 lumens of light.

8 LED’s kick out 800 lumens of light through a user-replaceable polycarbonate lens

The light can also be used without a GoPro, of course, and divers may also enjoy using the light for lighting up the inside of a wreck, behind rocks and in crevices, and observing sea life in a different way. While “tickle sticks” are not legal for use when capturing lobster in California, they are legal in Florida and those divers can use the REACH to combine both a light and tickle as a single unit in their bug hunts.

The magnetic power/mode switch is both easily accessible for one-handed use.

The magnetic power/mode switch is both easily accessible for one-handed use.

There are probably hundreds of other uses for an 800-lumen light mounted at the end of a precision-engineered, lightweight aluminum pole, both on land and underwater. The REACH for divers creates new opportunities to shoot stills and video in a way that keeps the diver at a distance from sea life, and offers a different perspective from other camera systems.

The entire REACH light is a precision-engineered product, and the quality and craftsmanship shows from end to end. The Brytor REACH dive light retails for $299 and can be found at participating retailers and on Brytor’s website here. A version that includes the GoPro mounting package is $329. Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

The Brytor light with GoPro camera attached.

The Brytor light with a GoPro HERO4 camera attached.

Visit Brytor’s website here and check them out on Facebook here. A demo video showing the product in use is below.

– Words and photos by Chris Constantine, California Diver Magazine (except as noted)