Marine Filmmaker Frazier Nivens has just released a powerful and informative new video about what is about to happen, addressing, in part, the opening of shark hunting that will begin in the waters around Florida on January 1, 2016.

According to Nivens, “Shark populations face a ongoing threat of extinction due to overfishing. On January 1, 2016, open season on shark fishing opens up earlier than the previous 2 years, sharks were just beginning to make a comeback. 36 sharks per boat per day may be taken, who knows how many permitted boats are out there. 36X7 days per week X 4 weeks X 12 months in the year totals 12,096 sharks and that’s only ONE boat. NOAA says “No Significant Impact”. What do you think? Please enjoy and share this video to prevent the slaughter of tens of thousands of sharks this year.”

Nivens and others have launched a petition drive to help save the sharks. Everyone is encouraged to sign the petition and let their voice be heard.