Many of us use SeaLife cameras for diving here in California and when traveling abroad. Their cameras are rugged, easy to use, and most importantly – take great photos! SeaLife has been a great supporter of California Diver Magazine, and we’re pleased to be able to share with you a great video featuring their latest products.

SeaLife Cameras Video

During a tour of Indonesia, the Scuba Diver Life team had a chance to capture beautiful sea life, local villages, and amazing diving with SeaLife cameras and accessories. The SeaLife ReefMaster underwater camera, DC1400 underwater camera, Fisheye Wide Angle Lens, and AquaPod monopod helped document all of the beauty that Indonesia offers – including encounters with Komodo Dragons, Manta Rays, Sea Snakes, Eels and Cuttlefish. From wide angle views of reefs to super-macro shots of Clownfish, sea horses and other tiny creatures, SeaLife underwater cameras and accessories did a great job of allowing the divers to easily capture their surroundings.

For those interested in seeing some beautiful diving and the latest SeaLife gear, it’s definitely worth a look!