Last Fall, Colorado-based Teens4Oceans completed placement of an underwater web cam at Anacapa, which allows viewers all over the world to see the current conditions and sea life 15 feet underwater. The camera is secured to a piling under the boat docks at the landing cove.

Teens4Oceans donated the camera and park service staff dove and helped finish the installation. The underwater webcam is now live and transmitting live video – day and night.

California Diver first met Teens for Oceans at the 2011 DEMA show in Orlando, Florida where several representatives were on-hand to show us their underwater camera housing, which features a unique windshield wiper-like device to help keep the lens clean. The housing was developed by Wild Goose Imaging (WGI), an engineering company based in Boulder, Colorado.

Teens for Oceans at the 2011 DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Teens4Oceans started in 2007 at a private Colorado high school where Trevor Mendelow, executive director of and a marine biologist, was teaching at the time. The group has cameras at a half-dozen sites in California, Florida and the Caribbean. Students are involved from the design phase to installation. For more information on the Teens for Oceans organization, click here to visit their website.

In addition to the camera at Catalina, Teens for Oceans has camera in the Florida Keys, and Virgin Islands. Click here to see these video feeds.