There is tremendous confusion on the SP9791 cylinder inspection permit and its status. While SP9791 HAS BEEN RENEWED, the Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Adminstration (PHMSA) still has the old version on its website.

Many cylinders are being needlessly condemned as a result.  PSI-PCI released information previously when the permit was renewed. The renewed permit was posted on the PHMSA website, but somehow was then replaced by the expiring permit.  PSI-PCI has been in touch with the PHMSA Permits engineer that confirms the permit is valid and they are working to get the corrected copy onto the PHMSA Permits list.

Here is a link to a copy of the permit posted on the PSI-PCI website:

We hope this information will facilitate the proper testing and inspection of these cylinders and avoid them being condemned by uninformed testers.